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      The Story of Eastman
      Eastman manufactures chemicals, fibers and plastics materials which are used by our customers as key ingredients to make the products that you use every day.

      The Story of Eastman Video

      We invite you to view this video to learn who Eastman is and who we aspire to be, driving an engaging dialogue with everyone we touch.

      Watch it. Use it. Share it.

      At Eastman, sustainability is about creating value. We believe a truly sustainable company is one that creates significantly more value in the world than the resources it uses.

      Eastman in the circular economy

      Learn more

      Fast access to SDS, product data sheets and property comparisons
      Offering our world-class functional capabilities and unique information technology
      See how innovative product designers are using Eastman materials
      Eastman’s societal strategy focuses on four core elements, underscored by ethics and engagement:
      Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals
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